Washer Dryer Repair Raleigh NC

You Shouldn't Have Soaking Wet Clothes After a Cycle

Turn to us when you need a washing machine repair in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas

Have you noticed that your clothes are still heavy and soaking wet when you take them out of your washing machine? What about when you dry your items? Do you have to run them through multiple dryer cycles? If you notice these things happening when you do laundry, contact C&M Appliance Repair, LLC.

Regardless of what brand or model you own, our team can take care of your washing machine repair and dryer repair. If you think your washer or dryer is malfunctioning, call 919-436-4332 now.

How to care for your washer and dryer

No one likes dealing with a broken washer or dryer. To prevent costly repairs and replacements, make sure you're doing these things before and after every load:

  • Clean out the dryer lint filter after every use to maximize efficiency
  • Ensure that the washing machine is level and firmly placed
  • Use the proper type and amount of detergent
  • Remove damp clothes from washers immediately to prevent mold and mildew buildup
  • Leave the door open on your front-loading washers to prevent mildew and mold build-up

By following these tips, you can prevent the need for a washing machine repair or dryer repair. If you're experiencing issues with your washer or dryer, contact our team ASAP. We'll make sure your front loader or top loader machines are working correctly.