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Has Your Fridge Stopped Working?

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We know the importance of a working refrigerator and freezer. No one wants their food to go bad before its time. It's like throwing money right into the trash. Prevent this from happening by contacting C&M Appliance Repair, LLC. We can catch refrigerator or freezer problems when they're small and prevent future issues by keeping your unit clean.

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Refrigerator issues, such as leaks, often start small. However, after some time, that small leak can become a major flood, and that struggling fridge may stop cooling altogether. Watch for these signs that you need repair services:

Your refrigerator or freezer isn't cold enough
Water leakage
Your refrigerator is cycling too often
Melted ice and thawed out food
A frost buildup
Your refrigerator is too cold
The front controls on your fridge are not working

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